Root Canal

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Many patients feel apprehensive about Root Canal Therapy, but a root canal is a vital treatment for the correction of tooth infections. With a root canal, infected tissue and bacteria that damage teeth from the inside-out are removed, so the structural parts of your tooth can remain healthy, and your tooth will not need to be extracted.

A root canal is often suggested after teeth have been compromised due to severe dental decay or periodontal disease, but this endodontic procedure can also be necessary when an accident or injury has exposed the inner systems of teeth to infection-causing bacteria. Patients who are experiencing these issues can maintain their health and keep their natural teeth with a root canal from our R U Smiling Dental.

Root Canal Therapy at R U Smiling Dental .


Dr. Douleh performs many root canals as an effective way to preserve patients’ teeth and overall oral health. While root canals have a false reputation as an uncomfortable procedure, Dr. Douleh takes care to numb the treatment site before proceeding thoroughly. Many patients report the root canal process as being similar to receiving a standard filling.

Our friendly dental team talks patients through the root canal procedure, so they feel complete at-ease with their treatment plan.


Root Canal Therapy includes the following steps:

  • Accessing Tooth Pulp –In order to clean and shape the inner root systems of teeth, a small opening is created in the dental enamel.
  • Treating Infection –

    The dentin, or nerves and tissue, in the inner portions of your tooth, are removed to prevent the spread of infection. The canals and inner systems of teeth are thoroughly cleaned and shaped, so the infection does not return. Your tooth is then filled with a special, rubber-like material, called gutta percha.

  • Restoration –

    Once your tooth is clean and healthy, Dr. Douleh will restore its integrity and appearance by placing either a gold or tooth-colored (porcelain) dental crown.

    After root canal treatment, you’ll no longer have to deal with the pain caused by a dental infection. Your treated and restored tooth will be healthy and look strong and beautiful.

    If you have a painful or damaged tooth, preventing tooth extraction with endodontic care is important to your oral health and wellness. Contact R U Smiling Dental today for your root canal consultation.